Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In Closing...

Another year has gone by, and I feel compelled to write my own little synopsis of 2008 along with all the other bloggers in the blog-o-sphere. Horray for redundancy!! I do plan to keep this mostly family-related though, so hopefully mine will be as unique as the next guys'.

The tone of 2008 was set in motion by events that started in October of 2007. In chronological order, I started with turning in my thesis proposal. This was turned in right in the nick of time, and was the beginning of the grueling year ahead for me. Shortly after that, my brother got rear-ended in a car accident, which was the beginning of his even more grueling year. This caused him, my family, my husband and I to really be pushed to our limits both physically and mentally. Nothing much else happened to us during 2008, but let me tell you, these two things were quite enough!

We all ended the year on a better note - Erick had a successful surgery on his back which has enabled him to be free from the pain medication, and the pain of the accident altogether. I not only finished my thesis, but graduated. Life is now good for Erick and I, and our families are thankful that the drama in our lives has ceased for the time being.

Two things that have surfaced recently that do not prove to be good omens for 2009 is the health of my father, and Angel's father. My father is scheduled to have a biopsy of the lung, and Angel's father needs to have a biopsy of the liver if I'm not mistaken. Hopefully these things will get taken care of swiftly and will have no serious repercussions.

Aside from the accident and the thesis, 2008 was a pretty good year. Here's to 2009 being much better, with everyone in good health, happy, and carefree!!

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