Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My First Blog

By the prompting of a friend and colleague, I was urged to create a blog. I have always wanted to have my own blog, but have been too busy to do so. Either that, or I have been constantly making excuses to not do so, because I was scared. So, by this prompting, I decided to pull the trigger. So - Here I am!

Here, you will get all that is me - whatever that is. I'll talk about a great many things (hopefully), that will run along the lines of music, programming, and baking/cooking, and projects that will inevitably creep up. So, this will really be a catch-all blog that will help with my "stage fright".

I guess I'll start by explaining the title of this here blog. Those of you who know me very well will know exactly where this comes from, and those who just know me well, will probably have a good idea. Yes, it's the original title of a song that belongs to a band that I hold dear to my heart. Go ahead and judge if you want, but I chose it because it describes who I am to a certain degree. At least to me. Translation of title: I consider myself to be a very hard working person, who seeks perfection in everything I do (although it happens too slowly for me sometimes), and will give up a great deal to get there. Sometimes, however, I feel that it just isn't enough, and I'm looking in from the outside.

Time for thesis proposal work....